Rules and Conditions apply for 2015, 2016,2017 Foals ONLY

The Ontario, Bred, Born or Owned Futurity (OBBO) committee is made up of volunteer members of the ORHA. This independent committee operates under the ORHA insurance umbrella. OBBO is fully responsible for all added monies and show expenses that occur from the OBBO Futurity Show. This committee reports to the ORHA Board of Directors and the ORHA members at the AGM regarding changes and details of the Futurity.

Membership Information

  1. Owners and riders must be  ORHA members for the year of showing in the OBBO Two Year Old Reining Pleasure class, Note: If only showing in the Two Year  Reining  Pleasure class the owners and rider must have an OBBO Associate membership. OBBO Associate membership form is located on the OBBO website. OBBO Reining Pleasure rules apply to the Two Year Old class.
  2. Owners and rider must be NRHA & ORHA ( Pro, Non-Pro, Owners ) members for the year of showing in the Three Year Futurity.  Horses are required to have NRHA competition license to compete.
  3. NRHA rules apply for Three Year Old Reining Futurity classes (e.g. show one handed).
  4. Horses must be Bred, Born or Owned in Ontario.

Futurity Incentive Fund

  1. To qualify your horse, you will have to show on the horse’s registration papers that the horse was bred in Ontario or born in Ontario or is a resident of Ontario. The only exception is: if an out-of-province stallion is donated to the OBBO Stallion ½ price Breeding Program, that stallion’s owner has one offspring from that donation that will qualify, and the resulting foal bought from the OBBO Stallion ½ price Breeding Program would be eligible to enroll.
  2. Futurity Incentive Fund must be on the proper forms.
  3. Registered horses require a copy of the registration papers be submitted to the OBBO Treasurer as noted on the forms. A copy is required of the NRHA competition license by the three-year-old payment date. The registration of the horse will be confirmed at the show.
  4. Grade Horses must have a photograph with distinguishing markings, signed by a veterinarian, submitted with the yearling payment. A copy of the NRHA competition license is required by the three-year-old payment due dated. The identification will be confirmed at the show.
  5. Futurity Incentive Fund form(s) must be postmarked on or before due dates – It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the postmark is clearly visible.
  6. Futurity Incentive Fund  payment Deadlines are as follows,

     Weanling & Yearling Due: December 31.    

     Two-Year-Old Reining Pleasure & Three-Year-Old Futurity Due: July 15.  

    *Cheque payable to: OBBO  FUTURITY*

  1.  Any payment received postmarked after the deadline will be subject to the late payment penalty as per Futurity Incentive Fund     form(s).
  2. Futurity Incentive Fund fees may be at a maximum of 10% of the added money.
  3. Judge’s fees are Due: July 15th  for the OBBO Futurity and at the OBBO Show for the Two Year Old Pleasure class.
  4. Limited Non-Pro L2 eligibility is defined by NRHA Category 1, 2 & 6 earnings. The exhibitor must be able to prove Non-Pro and Limited Non-Pro L2 status as defined by the NRHA.
  5. To enter into the OBBO Futurity a horse /rider can enter in all division they are eligible for as defined by NRHA rules.
  6. Payments are non-refundable, except in the case of overpayment of fees.
  7. Absolutely no substitutions.

Any owner or rider who fails to become a member of the NRHA & the ORHA before entering and/or exhibiting will forfeit all entry fees & prize monies.

NSF cheques will be charged $50 and entries will be invalid until payment is received in full.


Payback and Awards

1.   All classes will pay back according to the NRHA payback schedule B.

2.  All trophy expenses will be deducted from the individual class purses prior to calculating payback.

3.  All Entry fees paid (less 10% retained for expenses) will be divided into the two-year -old Reining Pleasure class (15%) and the three-year-old Reining class (85%)

4.  The three-year-old Reining Futurity monies collected from the Futurity Incentive Fund will be divided as follows – Open (50%) Non-Pro (50%). The three-Year-Old Futurity payment received (less 10% retained for expenses) will be divided as follows – Open payments to the Open division, Non-Pro payments to the Non-Pro division, Limited Open L2 and Limited Non-Pro L2 payments go to their respective divisions.

5.  Any additional money to be added to each Futurity class will be determined on a yearly basis by the recommendation of the OBBO Futurity Show Committee. This decision will be approved by the OBBO committee before May 1st of the show year, and advertised on the website and reported to the ORHA Board.


OBBO Two Year Old Reining Pleasure Class Rules

The goal is to exhibit Two-Year-Old horses, paid up in the OBBO Futurity, in a fashion that promotes soundness, both physical and emotional potential, as well as athletic ability. These rules apply only to the OBBO Two-Year-Old Reining Pleasure class.


NO Youth 18 and under will be permitted to warm up or show a stallion, monorchid orcrytochid horses, regardless of age, in the Two-Year-Old Reining Pleasure class.

Rider does not need to own the horse he or she is riding.


Horses to be shown in standard, plain or silver headstalls with brow band, shaped ear or split ear.

Smooth snaffle bit with broken mouthpiece (conventional O-ring, egg butt, or D-ring) with ring no larger than 4” and no smaller than 2”.  The bit must be a minimum of 3/8” in diameter at one inch in from the cheek with a gradual decrease to the center of the bits.  A loose leather curb strap is optional.  Reins must be attached above the curb strap. Refer to NRHA rule book (Diagrams pages)

A braided rawhide or leather bosal may be used in lieu of the snaffle bit, but must be no larger than ¾” diameter at the cheek.  There must be a minimum of two finger spaces (approximately 1-1/2”) between the bosal and the nose.  No rigid material is permitted under the jaw or on the noseband – but may have a flexible cable core. – Refer to NRHA rule book for more clarity.

 Any other equipment is prohibited (i.e. martingales, nosebands and tie-downs). – Refer to NRHA rule book for more clarity.

 Size of Class:

The class size will depend on how many show entries are received. If there are more than 12 horses entered, the class will be divided.

 If the class is divided all horses will be judged and will be placed in the separate divisions. The top horses in each division (number will depend on entries) will return for the final round of judging. The Judge’s decision is final.

Judging: Two Year Old Reining Pleasure

 Horses and equipment will be inspected prior to the class and before entering the arena by the assigned Judge.

Horses may be shown in a shanked bit but must be ridden one handed and the bit must be recognized as legal by the NRHA. – Refer to NRHA rule book.

Horses may be shown in a snaffle bit or bosal but must be ridden two handed and in a bit or bosal that is recognized as legal by the NRHA. – Refer to NRHA rule book.

All horses will be judged immediately upon entering the arena at a walk or jog. Judge will announce each horse and rider.

All horses will be judged as future reining prospect, with forward motion at the walk, jog, and lope both in directions plus a back-up. Horses should exhibit good cadence and demonstrate control, and willingness.

Jog – When asked to jog, horses must jog around the arena as if they are jogging to center as per during a reining pattern with forward motion.

Lope – When asked to lope, horses must take correct lead and lope around the arena with forward motion as if doing a small circle during a reining pattern. NOTE: Excessive speed or to slow will be penalized.

Change direction- when asked to change direction. Horses must turn 180 degrees on the haunches toward the inside of the arena.

Back-up – when asked to back up.  Horses are required to move in a reverse motion in a straight line without resistance and for the required distance.

The judge is compelled to disqualify any horse that he/she feels is being exhibited in a manner that is cruel, abusive and/or inhumane. – Refer to NRHA rule book.

The exhibition of a horse that has a cut or abrasion showing clear evidence of fresh blood in the mouth, nose, chin, shoulder, barrel, flank or hip will result in disqualification. – Refer to NRHA rule book.

Graduate Award (for the 2 & 3 Year Olds)

1.  A Graduate Award is presented to the HORSE that earned the most cumulative points from the two-year-old Reining Pleasure and the three-year-old Reining classes combined. The HORSE must have been shown in both the Two Year Old Reining Pleasure and a Three Year Old Reining Futurity in either an Open or Non-Pro class to be eligible. Points are awarded as follows: 1st place 7 points, 2nd place 6 points, 3rd place 5 points, 4th place 4 points, 5th place 6 points, 6th place 2 points. All other horses that showed will receive 1 point. Only one class will count for riders that are cross-entered in the reining classes, using the riders highest placing for points. The highest number of points received wins the Graduate Award. In the case of a tie, the highest Futurity score will determine the winner.