2017 OBBO Committee Members:

Harvey Stevens

Joined in 2009

Leona McAtee

Joined in 2004

Drew Pearce

Joined in 2014

Janette Drinkwalter

Joined in 2017

Joined in 2004 -2016

OBBO – Farewell and Thank You

Debbie Bateman!

The OBBO committee wishes to thank Debbie Bateman for the generous 13 years as an active committee member. Debbie has decided to step back from her role as the OBBO Secretary to purse other hobbies.

Having been a long time committee member since 2004, Debbie Bateman has given so much the OBBO committee. Debbie’s efforts, especially in spearheading the Trots and Slots Fundraiser’s, planning of the OBBO Reining Futurity Show as well as the generous continually donating her stallion Smokin Silver Bullet to the OBBO ½ price breeding program is appreciated and well recognized.

To honor Debbie Bateman and as a token of appreciation, the OBBO committee has presented her with an honorary award for her continual service and contribution to the OBBO for over a decade.

We wish Debbie and her horses all the best in 2017.

Joined in 2016

OBBO – Farewell and Thank You

Chet Martin!

The OBBO committee wishes to thank Chet Martin for the year as an active committee member. Chet has decided to step back from his role as the a committee member to spend more time with his family. Chet and his wife Amy are expecting the arrival of their first child later this year! Congratulations to you both.

Thanks Chet for securing sponsorships’ for the OBBO Reining Futurity in 2016, and also for donating his services to the OBBO Clinic fundraiser as a clinician.

We wish Chet all the best in the show pen and as well in your growing family in 2017.

OBBO Committee is looking for motivated individuals to join our team! Volunteer your time in fundraisers, securing sponsorships, show planning for this year and for future shows. If you are interested in being apart of the OBBO Committee please contact obbo_futurityreiners@yahoo.ca We look forwards in talking with you.

Leona McAtee

Chair Person & Treasurer & Foal Futurity Incentive Fund Contact

Leona McAtee – obbofuturity1991@gmail.com 519-802-4822


The OBBO operates independently of the ORHA and is fully responsible for all added monies and expenses that occur from the OBBO Futurity Show, and Fundraisers. The OBBO reports directly to the ORHA and to the members of the ORHA.  The OBBO and ORHA work together but separately and are not responsible for each other.  Any questions concerning the OBBO should be directed to the OBBO.  Go to the OBBO contact page and fill out your inquiries by leaving a message or call and a committee member will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.  

Ontario Bred, Born or Owned Reining Futurity, “OBBO” and the OBBO logo are not to be used under any circumstances without the approval from the OBBO Committee.